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Chipping Warden Kindergarten



Chipping Warden Kindergarten is a charity run establishment, managed by a voluntary committee and is registered with Ofsted. It is set up in a wing of Chipping Warden Academy School since 1992 and is managed by Mrs Lucy Cullen. The Kindergarten is run by a dedicated and enthusiastic team of fully qualified staff. The majority of staff have worked at kindergarten for many years. Children attending the kindergarten are an equal mixture of local Chipping Warden children and those from nearby villages.



During their time at the kindergarten the children are prepared for school through a wide range of structured pre-school activities in line with the Early Years foundation stage. The kindergarten has the use of school facilities such as the playground and the hall so the children become familiar with a school environment.


Chipping Warden Kindergarten aims to:

    Work in partnership with parents to help children learn and develop.
    Add to the life and well being of the local community.
    Offer children and their parents a service which promotes equality and values diversity.

Whilst at Chipping Warden Kindergarten your child will:

    Be in a safe, colourful and stimulating environment.
    Be given generous care and attention because of our high ratio of adults to children.
    Have the chance to join together with other children and adults to live, play, work and learn.
    Be encouraged to take forward their learning and development by being helped to build on what they already know and can do.
    Have a key person to make sure your child makes good progress.
    Be in a Kindergarten which sees you as the parent or carer as a partner in your child's learning and development.

Kindergarten children take part in many other activities and Chipping Warden School events such as:

        Birthday celebrations
        Sports Day
        Easter egg hunt and Easter bonnet parade
        Charity woodland walk and picnics
        Christmas Concert