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Chipping Warden Kindergarten

Important Notices

Health and Safety

There is parking available to all on the opposite side of the main road, along Long Barrow, next to the airfield. Please enter the Kindergarten in the morning at 9am, (unless you are booking an early start). A member of staff will come and let you in from the entrance at 9am, signing your
children into the register as they enter. Any children you may see inside Kindergarten before 9am will have been dropped off early and those families will have paid for this privilege. 

Please DO NOT to let other people into Kindy. Please let a member of staff unlock the door with our security phone, for others entering.

School gate

Please ensure you always keep the school gate and the playground gate shut . This is to protect all the school and Kindergarten Children.

Healthy Eating and Allergy awareness

We are continuing to be a Nut free zone, to avoid any allergic reactions within Kindergarten. We suggest you try nuts with your children in your home environment for safety purposes. We promote healthy eating in Kindergarten and so we ask you to provide some healthy varieties of food for your child at lunch time. Please avoid providing nuts, and chocolate in your child’s lunchbox.