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Chipping Warden Kindergarten


Fundraising is a very important part of Kindergarten’s success as a charitable organisation. We have many development plans. In order to make this happen and to ensure our fundraising is successful, we always need your help. We work with Chipping Warden School Association to link fundraising events. We work with them on fundraising ideas both for School and Kindergarten and help each other out with events.

 We have some wonderful events to look forward to throughout the year, Toddle waddle, Summer sports, Christmas concert and raffle, and lots more.

Please let us know if you have any fundraising ideas you can share with us.





Easy Fundraising

Kindergarten now has an ‘Easy Fundraising’ account, which means parents can raise money for us by simply purchasing online, on hundreds of sights, including Amazon. If you use Apple/iPad, all you do once you have registered is log into before making purchases, then browse and buy on your favourite sites, using the easy fundraising search bar. For those using PC, once set up you will see the Easy fundraising icon on the sites that donate i.e. Amazon, and you can simply click before you start buying. (I don’t think it works this way with apple/iPad).
Each company involved (including Tesco groceries), have their own % rates of donations and every little helps. You can even book holidays and flights to raise donations.

Toddle Waddle