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Free Entitlement for 2-year olds:


Chipping Warden Kindergarten promotes 2-year funding, from the term after a child’s 2nd birthday. Please visit the website using this link to check eligibility: 

Funded childcare eligibility


We have a poster in our entrance porch, and we urge parents with 2-year olds to check on the Northamptonshire county council website to see if they are eligible for funding for their 2-year-old. Families must meet certain criteria in order to access this free entitlement. If they are successful, they must pass the reference number provided, to Lucy Cullen at Kindergarten

 Privacy Notice

Free Entitlement for 3-4-year olds:


We offer free entitlement places for 3-4-year olds from the term after a child’s 3rd birthday. It allows all children 15 hours free childcare per week, and a maximum of 570 hours in the year after their 3rd birthday, or extended 30 Hours free childcare per week, with Maximum 1140 hours in a year to those who are eligible. If a family is entitled to 30 hours funding, they must claim and pass to Lucy Cullen their 11-digit DERN reference number and the National insurance number and DOB of the parent who made the claim.

Parents will fill in Parental contract each term with Lucy Cullen at Kindergarten, to confirm that they wish to claim their child’s free hours for the term ahead. Those who wish to claim up to 30 hours, need to do the online eligibility checker via the website below. 

(The above link also takes you to tax free childcare registration).

Each funding block covers a whole term and so there are three funding blocks per year. Families should be aware that if they claim their child’s maximum allowance of funding over the year, they may exceed 570/1140 hours and so will need to pay a top up amount at the end of that year.

At Kindergarten you can gain the full funding entitlement of 15 hours per week or 30 hours per week. Our Early starts, lunch club and full days can be included in your entitlement. Parents will pay a top up invoice if your child exceeds their 15/30 hours per week.


Please be aware that there is a limit to funding entitlement and for those who access the full 15 or 30 hours funding, it may be the case that you will be charged a top up fee at the end of a term. For more information please speak to Lucy Cullen.


Parents of funded children, please read the NCC privacy notice