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We follow the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ to plan for your children. We plan adult focused activities following themes that we feel the children are interested in at the time, as well as individual plans weekly for our key children. Your child’s key person will observe your child on an ongoing basis and from this consider their next steps. Each week we plan an activity or experience that may help your child’s natural development to move forward. Plans for all the above are located on the wall above the painting easels in the messy room.

We use the online learning journey ‘Tapestry,’ please see the Tapestry letter.

As well as this you will receive approximately three progress summaries per year, highlighting your child’s developmental achievements and next steps. This progress is then plotted on a tracker chart to log how their development is progressing.

We always appreciate your feedback, and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Key Person

We have a strong Key person approach at Kindergarten. Your child’s key person will spend time with them, building a positive relationship, encouraging them to play and learn, interact with others, and will follow them on their individual developmental path using the ‘EYFS’ framework.

They will observe you child’s milestones and encourage them with next steps by planning for individual children. This can be viewed at any time if you wish.
You will receive progress summaries from your child’s key person three times per academic year, and we welcome you to discuss these with us at the time.
Although we have introduced a Key Person for your child, it is important that they build positive relationships with all the staff. We encourage you to talk to any member of staff about day to day matters, particularly the person at front of house in the mornings. Time can be set aside if you wish to discuss anything, with the Key Person.